Fun things to do this Autumn in Wembley Park

This special season is short and sweet, so make the most of it by checking at least a few of these awesome autumn activities off your list:

1: Get your workout on

The summer may be over but there is still time to work on your fitness.  However, if you fancy a change from the drudgery of the gym, why not try a Monday fitness club at the Yellow Pavilion. Every Monday from 6:30 pm, there is a fitness party that offers a fun blend of dancercise, core exercise and running drills for a whole body workout.

2: Shut yourself away

Be one of the first to catch this movie blockbuster at Cineworld Wembley, and shut yourself out from the outside world for a couple of hours.

3: Chillax

When it’s dreary outside there is nothing better to lift your mood than the practice of yoga. It is the perfect way to warm your body and take in some quality stretchy feel-good time for yourself.  Head down to the Yellow Pavilion on Tuesdays from 5:30 pm to find your inner Zen and relax.

4: Get social

Autumn means rain and for all those parents out there, rainy days can be a nightmare to keep the little ones entertained. Why not treat the family to an afternoon at the  Yellow Pavilion‘s  free parents coffee afternoon. Held on Wednesdays between 12-2pm, this is a great spot for you to sit back and relax over refreshments and catch up with other local parents and share tips as your little ones play.