60 Seconds with Torville and Dean

On the 20th March, skating legends Torvill and Dean added their handprints to the iconic Square of Fame to mark their landmark 130 performances at the SSE Arena Wembley ahead of their dancing on Ice Tour which starts at the Arena on Friday 23rd. We managed to catch up with them for a quick interview about, skating, Wembley and Dancing on Ice


You have had 130 performances at the SSE Arena Wembley, which is an amazing achievement what is your fondest memory of Wembley?

Jayne Torvill: One of my fondest memories of performing in Wembley was in 1985. We came here with our first professional show and one of our first performances was attended by Princess Dianna. She came down to the ice afterwards and met all of the artists, all of the skaters and the performers. She was very chatty to everyone and she just really enjoyed it.

Christopher Dean: Again that has to be one of my favourite performances, but I also remember living here for six weeks in the same building and it became our home. We would be in and out constantly for six weeks performing and it was an amazing time. Then there was another time when we came to Wembley Park and it was in the middle of the summer. After the show we cleared the ice and it was left at the back of the Arena, we had snowball fights in the summer!

How do you feel about getting your hands cemented outside of the SSE Arena Wembley?

Jayne Torvill: To have our handprints cemented outside of the Arena is such as fantastic thing and I feel really honoured about it.

Christopher Dean:  It’s a great honour and it’s going to be there for a long time, they are going to be there long after we have gone.

Jayne Torvill: Do you think people will walk on it?

Christopher Dean: I’m sure they will do lots of that

What got you into skating in the first place and what is your earliest memory of being on skates?

Jayne Torvill: I first started skating when I was eight years old and I loved the feeling of being out there on the ice and the movement you got with it.

Christopher Dean: I got into skating because my step mother at the time  used to do it  as a recreational thing and I lived in this village outside the “big city of Nottingham” and she just said to me one day  to take up ice skating. So I got a pair of ice skates for Christmas but then had to spend two weeks walking around the house in them, because there was no ice. So I was a frustrated skater for two weeks, however I made up for it after that.

What has been the highlight of your career?

Jayne Torvill: The highlight of our career has to be winning the Olympics because that opened so many doors for us including turning professional and coming here for our first show.