Free family fireworks


This year Wembley Park will be hosting the annual Brent fireworks display and it promises to be a remarkable event. From 3pm there will be live performances with dancers and musicians plus mouth-watering, street food and tasty craft beer enjoy. There will also be  warming drinks on sale to keep the whole family toasty before the main event kicks off at 6.30pm.

Come to Wembley Park and be mesmerised by the stunning display as the iconic arch of Wembley stadium erupts into a light display seen across London. The fireworks will explode  to a soundtrack of artists who have played at Wembley. This spectacular event is sure to be a night to remember.

7 things you didn’t know about fireworks

  1. Fireworks were invented in China in the seventh century and were used them to scare off “mountain men.” In 200 BC the Chinese were writing on green bamboo stalks and heating them on coals to dry.By accident they realised that If they left the  bamboo too long over the heat, it would expand and burst with a bang. So not only was the firecracker was born but the sound successfully scared off these  reputedly abnormally large mountain men.
  1. The largest fireworks display in the world was in 2014 on New Year’s Eve in Dubai. The massive display took 10 months to plan, used 500,000 fireworks and the whole spectacle lasted for six minutes!
  1. The first recorded fireworks in England were used at the 1486 wedding of King Henry VI
  1. Fireworks can travel at speeds of up to 150mph, which is the same cruising speed as some biplanes.
  1. Until 1959 it was illegal not to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night in the UK.
  1. Blue is the trickiest colour to create! This is because it’s done with copper oxidizers, and the temperature of the reaction has to be spot on to get it right!
  1. Apparently, dreaming about fireworks is thought to indicate enthusiasm and exhilaration. It may also mean you like to be the centre of attention ( wink,wink).


“Remember, remember  the 6th of November

It will be a display that you will enjoy a lot

We see no reason why  Wembley Park  and Brent’s fireworks  should ever be forgot…”

#brentfireworks #wembleypark

Getting there


Leave the car at home. The nearest tube stations are Wembley Park (Jubilee and Metropolitan lines) and Wembley Central (Bakerloo and Overground).  Buses 83, 92, 182, 206 and 483.