Love at Wembley Park

Love at Wembley Park

Recently a rather unusual request was put to the Wembley Park team: ‘Please help me propose to the girl I love. I have been planning it for a long time and it has to be at Wembley Park.’

The estate management team rose to the challenge, and after some discussions, managed to synchronise systems so the fountains and music in Arena Square would work in unison with The SSE Arena screens. The designated evening came and family and friends assembled and hid inside the foyer of The SSE Arena, just out of sight. Our reporter Rupert Davies-Cooke hung around with a video camera under a tree.

Then, on the dot of eight, a young couple ambled down Wembley Park Boulevard. They had been shopping. They were going out to dinner. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Suddenly, as they reached the centre of Arena Square, the fountains burst into colourful life and the voice of Bruno Mars rose over the night air, singing, ‘Will you marry me?’ Overhead, brilliant lit screens proclaimed a message of love which was both deeply personal and also compellingly universal.

Watch the video to see what happened on that heart-warming evening.

As well as being a life-changing moment for this young couple, this proposal marked a change for Wembley Park too. After a decade of planning and redevelopment, Wembley Park is now a place people naturally want to make their home.

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