Free fireworks at Wembley Park

WHEN: Sunday 6 November

START TIME: 3pm for street food and outdoor performances, 6.30pm fireworks

WHERE: Wembley Park Arena Square

This year Wembley Park is hosting the annual fireworks event for Brent Council. The fun and free event will begin from 3pm with street food and outdoor performances, with the fireworks display (set to a top-secret soundtrack) starting at 6.30pm.

The event this year has been masterminded by Brian Marshall, MD of Fuse Fireworks. Brian, who ‘lives and breathes’ fireworks, outlines what to expect.

Expect the wow factor and one of London’s greatest choreographed displays. Yes, expect to be wowed, I don’t want to give too much away, but choreography is my passion and I love putting fireworks to music. We are going for maximum effect, extreme accuracy and a competition style display.

Brian has not always been in the fireworks industry and started life as a firefighter!

Believe it or not I spent 25 years as a firefighter and I got into the business in 2000. It’s a funny story and it may sound like a bit of a cliché, but my first display ever was at my local village fair in Blyth. They asked me to help out as they wanted my expertise as a firefighter, and I kind of ended up doing the whole display. It has snowballed since then. Now we do three major shows a year in London, two in Alexandra Palace and now in Wembley Park.

However, it’s not all pairing fireworks with soundtracks, displays of this size take a lot of preparation; explaining what goes into the process he said:

Loads of planning, it takes me 30 hours to design and 100 man hours to implement and then on the day there is a crew of 12 qualified pyrotechnicians on the ground. The Wembley Park fireworks display will have a lot of single shots and slices which are quick, so when it comes to the day many of the effects will already be pre-rigged on equipment that looks like a giant hedgehog. These will hold 50 fireworks and will plug into a single socket. So it will be big, bold and seriously exciting!

Brian doesn’t do things by half and if his world record attempt is anything to go by, it is set to be a display like no other.

I took part in a successful world record event that saw 60,000 rockets being launched at the same time in Plymouth. That was an incredible experience and a day I will never forget.” The Wembley Park fireworks won’t be quite on that scale, but promises to be an exciting family event.

For more information about the display, and a video of last year’s click here.