Stewarding at Wembley Stadium

Want to work at Wembley Stadium?

AP Security is recruiting approximately 200 stewards aged 19+ to work at Wembley Stadium on event days.

To apply, simply send an email to: and attach your CV to be considered. If selected, you will be invited to the Yellow Pavilion which is the social space for the community who live and work in Wembley Park, for an interview and to discuss the role further.

The role:

This is a customer service job as opposed to a security role and training will be provided to the successful individuals who make it through the selection process. It will involve directing event goers to where they want to be including to their seats, toilets, bars, catering units, entrances and exits. Most importantly, being able to communicate well is key as you will be ensuring that ticket holders have a good experience.

The role pays £7.51 an hour and the days you work are flexible and can fit around other employment or studies.