Survival of the Fittest

On 22 November, Wembley Park hosted the last of its year’s sporting events in spectacular style.

Survival of the Fittest was a 10.4K obstacle course designed to test even the fittest of athletes. From 9am until late afternoon, participants set out at 15-minute intervals along a route through the newly-developed landscape of Wembley Park before extending out into the wider area. 9,500 people participated and the event’s fastest man  clocked a time of 48m18s, and fastest woman a time of 1h4m15s.

The obstacles were extremely challenging, requiring 30 articulated lorries full of gear, 90 tonnes of steel, 500 road cones and 88 hay bales. The 30m water slide down the Stadium ramp was enjoyed by all. The event ended with a celebration at which 5,000 pints were consumed, in typical Wembley Park exuberant style.

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