What’s new at the Yellow Pavilion?

This month, we put the spotlight on the new Vinysas flow yoga class, held every Tuesday from 5.30-6.30pm

Let it flow

We know what you may be asking, what is Vinyasa flow?  This style of yoga is called flow because of the smooth way that the poses transition into each other. With the literal translation of Vinyasa being  “connection,” instructor Clarey outlines what to expect from her classes:

The class will be open to beginners and more experienced yogis and there are options for everyone to try. A Vinyasa Flow class links  breathing to movement and you can expect lovely hip and back openers, which are great if you sit at a desk at work. There will also be  strong balances and we will explore meditation. It will be both a great physical workout and a mental workout also!

Describing Yoga as compassion, magic and adventure, Clarey outlined her passion about bringing this positivity to the local Wembley community.

I have lived in Wembley my whole life and have grown up in this community. I want to bring yoga into the lives of the people who are my neighbours, and whom I feel will benefit greatly from it. I have always loved practising yoga and have taken so much from the spiritual side of it. My sister was the first person who really encouraged me to train to be a teacher for many different reasons, but mostly because I felt wonderful every time I stepped off my mat. Personally for me, the inner reflection and self-love that I found with Yoga is something I want others to feel.

Is Vinyasa Yoga for you?

Vinyasa’s strength is in its diversity, so If you like to keep things moving and enjoy a little unpredictability then this style is style is definitely worth a try. To find out more, why not come along to a class, the first one is free!

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