Gary William Smith

Behind the camera

The idea for ‘People of Wembley Park’ came out of a tweet by Gary William Smith, a local photographer, showing a portrait of a woman in a fawn coat standing waiting for the tube.

We were instantly drawn to this clever but understated image which makes the ordinary extraordinary. After contacting Gary to see more of his work we got chatting and the idea of a project to document the people of Wembley Park came into being.

Our aim is very simple – we want to celebrate the everyday people who live in, work at, and visit Wembley Park. From street vendors to artists, entrepreneurs to managers; including people who have been here for generations to those who have arrived more recently.

What you see here are the first stories from Wembley’s growing neighbourhood, and we hope to document more of this diverse and thriving community.

Having now launched, we are on the lookout for more volunteers willing to tell their story, or help tell the stories of others. If you, or someone you know would like to be involved, either as a photographer or interviewee, please get in contact through the Yellow Pavilion, Wembley Park’s community space: