Kundalini Yoga for Moms and Prams

A perfect way to connect and share energy between mothers and their children.

This class is designed for mothers wishing to explore and practice Kundalini Yoga with their infants. A perfect way to connect and share energy between mothers and their children. Kundalini Yoga can be defined as a tantric practice, as well as an instrument to expand the level of consciousness, to ultimately achieve the goal of self-realization.

We will use something called "yogic kriyas" to awaken the spiritual energy. This Kriya yogic system consists of a number of levels of asana or movement, pranayama or breath, mantra or meditative chanting, and mudra or specific hand gesture, based on techniques aimed to accelerate our spiritual development more rapidly. This type of practice consists of the visualization, activation and maintaining balance of the seven chakras, whirlpools of energies placed along the spine: from the bottom of the spine up to the crown of the head. The Kundalini yoga practice is very meditative and intentional, making the mind more resilient, without excluding the fact that it also makes the body stronger and more energetic due to the repetition and the hold of specific movements.

The class has a cost of £10 with the first class discounted to £ 8. The price for both Kundalini and Barre class is £ 18. Booking via the website.

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