Hilton London Wembley Announce Launch of a Low-Waste Menu for Stop Food Waste Day 2024

Hilton London Wembley Announce The Launch of a Low-Waste Menu for Stop Food Waste Day 2024!

Hilton London Wembley has launched a new low-waste menu at their hotels in collaboration with Stop Food Waste Day, April 24th, 2024!

The menus, available to guests for one month, showcase innovative techniques to combat food waste, furthering Hilton’s Travel with Purpose target to reduce waste sent to landfill by 50% by 2030 and continuing its efforts to implement a food waste reduction program in every hotel kitchen.

In light of the recent Food Waste Index Report 2024 by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which highlights the alarming rate of food wastage globally, Hilton London Wembley is taking proactive steps to address the issue within the food services industry. The report indicates that approximately a staggering one billion tonnes of food is wasted annually, with the food services sector accounting for a significant portion of the waste.

Hilton London Wembley believes that by implementing sustainable practices, they can make a meaningful impact on reducing food waste and contribute to a more environmentally conscious future.

The new menu will be available across almost 20 Hilton Hotels in the UK, with a ZERO-WASTE menu available at four properties!

Dishes will utilize a range of innovative cookery techniques to showcase the potential for commercial operators to implement simple steps that significantly reduce waste, with a focus on rescuing and repurposing leftover food from breakfast, which is a key contributor to food waste in hotels.

Highlights include a soup of the day accompanied by crispy croissant croutons rescued from the breakfast buffet, flavorsome risotto that gives a second life to breakfast mushrooms, and a cobb salad topped with crispy bacon, yesterday’s sourdough and hard-boiled eggs.

Hilton London Wembley works with local suppliers to help reduce food miles and ensure the best seasonal produce is used throughout the year. Examples include sourcing from Brake, a renowned food supplier committed to sustainability and quality, thereby supporting the local economy and minimizing environmental impact.

Stuart Duff, corporate chef, UK & Ireland, Hilton and curator of the menu said: "As chefs, we can be a driving force for positive change and have the opportunity to help diners by providing more sustainable options when dining out. Our menus encourage diners to explore new dishes, while empowering them to take a stand against food waste. We look forward to guests joining us on this culinary journey as we look to create a meaningful difference, one tasty dish at a time.”

The initiative is underpinned by the brand’s longstanding partnerships with like-minded businesses and suppliers working towards the same goal of reducing waste output as much as possible. This includes Winnow, an AI-enabled food waste solution that helps to measure, track, and ultimately reduce waste in commercial kitchens.

Hilton will further deepen its relationship with the Felix Project as part of Taste of Zero Waste, donating a meal to a person in need for every dish purchased from the new menus during the coming month.

Meredith Bevan, General Manager at Hilton London Wembley added: “At Hilton London Wembley, we're proud to launch our low waste menu, a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Through innovative culinary practices, we're not just reducing waste; we're shaping a greener future for our planet.”

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