Dogs in Elvin Gardens at Wembley Park

Pet friendly places in Wembley Park

Are you looking for a pet-friendly rental in London? Maybe you’re just keen on finding dog-friendly places to hang out, dine, and do your shopping?

Then Wembley Park is the place to be. The entire area is filled with dog-friendly establishments that are happy to accommodate you and your furry friend. After all, no one likes to leave their dog out of the action.

Check out some of the most pet-friendly places in Wembley Park, where your dog (or even your cat) will be welcomed with a smile.

Did you know that you can bring your dog shopping with you at the London Designer Outlet? It’s true – while individual shops may have their own policies, most allow a visit from well-behaved dogs on a lead. Even better, there are doggy drinking stations located throughout the centre. If you need any emergency supplies, you can head to Guest Services for some biodegradable poo bags and dog biscuits.

Sometimes your furry friend just needs some time off of their lead to run, romp, frolic, and play with other dogs. While parks are well and good, a dedicated dog run is always the best place to let your dog have some fun. This dedicated dog run is just another example of how Wembley Park prioritises your dog and helps you and your four-legged pal live your best lives.

Wembley Park is dotted with pocket parks and green spaces that are a pleasure for humans and dogs alike. Every dog needs a different level of exercise each day, and so proximity to green parks and walking areas is always a key concern for owners.
That’s why dog owners love the dog-friendly rentals at Wembley Park. In addition to plenty of playgrounds and plazas where you can have a coffee with friends, you can also socialise with your dog and give them some exercise. Check out this guide to the parks and open spaces in Wembley Park.

It can be really tough to find a dog-friendly rental in London. Everywhere you turn, it seems that landlords have a blanket ‘no pets allowed’ policy. That’s not the case at the Quintain Living buildings in Wembley Park, where pets of all kinds are welcomed and adored. Every building allows pets, and Ferrum even has its own dedicated dog run. But, of course, you’re also always welcome to use the dog run at Elvin Gardens.

The great British pub just wouldn’t be the same without a friendly dog under the table. The White Horse Pub allows dogs to dine and drink with you when you sit outside, so they don’t have to miss out on a moment of the fun. You never have to scramble to find a dog sitter or worry about leaving your pal lonely at home – bring them to the pub, where they’ll be doted upon and treated like gold.

No matter where you spend your time at Wembley Park, it’s always better when your dog is by your side. Happy trails (and tails)!