Womens wellbeing class in The Yellow at Wembley Park





From Daughter to Woman

The Yellow is excited to invite you to From Daughter to Woman.

  • Information:

    Friday, 10am - 11am
  • Date and time:

  • Location:

    The Yellow

During these challenging times we are offering free coffee mornings for informal chats with parents, parenting resources, on-line groups to support families and communities of school age children.

You can also sign-up for a free taster to our local Girls Journeying Together group which offers monthly support for preteen girls as they practice being true to themselves, learn about puberty, share their hopes and fears, and help each other into their teens.

Email for details to join. majgan@ritesforgirls.co.uk

Zoom link will be emailed to parents who can drop in and drop out for an informal chat. Free & paid options. Details of other offerings will be shared via email upon request.