Chelsea fans at a football game.





Chelsea FC Fanpark - Carabao Cup Final

Join BOXPARK Wembley for some pre-match build up with live music and maybe a special guest or two.

Please Note: BOXPARK Wembley are only permitting Chelsea fans with match day tickets to the venue. All those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 25.


Please help BOXPARK Wembley to create the best FANPARK experience by adhering to their house rules:

  • Celebrate with style but please stay on the floor - tables and chairs are for sitting only and don’t hold up well to being stood on.
  • It’s a beautiful game, please celebrate with your teammates and applaud with your opponents – we love football.
  • BOXPARK is a family friendly site, please refrain from throwing things in the air, especially things made out of plastic, your shoes or your hopes and dreams. They hurt.
  • Your entry is conditioned upon a short search of your bags/person. BOXPARK Wembley are really grateful for your assistance in securing everyone’s safety at their venue.
  • BOXPARK has a ZERO TOLERANCE Policy to: Racism, anti-social behaviour, inciting hatred, abuse to their staff or fellow guests.
  • BOXPARK does not allow the following items into our sites: Laser devices, Knives/Weapons, Flares/Fireworks, Air Horns, Alcoholic beverages, Unsealed bottles, Illegal Substances.
  • BOXPARK don't allow banners to be put up inside the venue, you are welcome to keep them in your bag but please refrain from putting them up on site.

BOXPARK Wembley in Wembley Park

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