Warmer People: Shop In A Club x BOXPARK Wembley

Inspired by the Berlin industrial flee markets, Warmer People will be hosting the 2nd edition of SHOP IN A CLUB.

Three edgy clothing brands exhibit their artwork inside a club alongside the Warmer People resident DJs making you want to grooooove!

About the brands:

SAMUDAYS STUDIO: London-based community interest fashion company supporting communities living in underprivileged areas worldwide and in the United Kingdom. We produce high-value knitwear inspired by creative workshops and interventions for children we host globally, then reinvest the results to improve child health and education outcomes in high and low-income countries.

STUDIO ICAMPBELL: My name is Isla, I’m the designer and maker behind Studio_icampbell. Studio Icampbell is a small and sustainable fashion studio based in Cornwall. My core principles are to produce high quality garments designed with the functionality of workwear whilst upholding style, and comfort, and I deliberately design and develop my garments with time, care and consideration. I'm inspired by the natural world and the people I meet to produce artistic yet functional workwear. When you buy a piece from Studio_icampbell you can be assured of the quality and sustainability of my practice. The nature of the fabrics is such that it will change with time to embrace the uniqueness of the wearer’s body and its movements. So, as you live and change so too can your clothes. In this way your clothes gather your life-stories and become more fitting, more ‘yours’.

RELUV: The Online Charity Marketplace. We support the charities by providing them with an e-commerce platform and behind the scenes guidance.Our aim is to change the way charity shop clothing is perceived online, whilst streamlining second-hand fashion.

See you on the dancefloor x

BOXPARK Wembley in Wembley Park

Calling all foodies! BOXPARK Wembley is the gourmet street food destination of your dreams, right here in the heart of Wembley Park. With an impressive lineup of 22 mouthwatering restaurants and three bars, the BOXPARK Wembley food and drink choices will tickle everyone’s taste buds. And with light and spacious social seating areas, there’s nowhere better to get together with friends and family and try a little bit of everything.