Wings World: Vintage Market

Wings World, where fashion meets sustainability at BOXPARK Wembley in Wembley Park.

Welcome to Wings World, where fashion meets sustainability in the most vibrant and community-driven way. At Wings, we're not just a thrift shop; we're a movement committed to keeping clothes in circulation and rescuing them from the impending doom of landfills. Our passion lies in fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share our love for sustainable fashion and conscious living.

Wings World is a hub for community engagement. We host regular pop up markets and events, fostering connection among people.
Our customers are able to vote which charity they want their money to go to on our website.

At Wings we believe that affordable, accessible, and inclusive fashion should be the norm, not the exception.

BOXPARK Wembley in Wembley Park

Calling all foodies! BOXPARK Wembley is the gourmet street food destination of your dreams, right here in the heart of Wembley Park. With an impressive lineup of 22 mouthwatering restaurants and three bars, the BOXPARK Wembley food and drink choices will tickle everyone’s taste buds. And with light and spacious social seating areas, there’s nowhere better to get together with friends and family and try a little bit of everything.