Dosage free screening at The Yellow in Wembley Park






Join The Yellow for a free live show of Dosage - an interactive exploration into the truth behind the contraceptive pill.

Can one pill really change everything? How does it feel to slowly lose your mind? Over 3.5 million women, trans and non-binary people are on the contraceptive pill in the UK, yet this topic is something which is rarely talked about or presented onstage. Dosage aims to challenge the silence surrounding the side-effects of the contraceptive pill by presenting a platform to champion and discuss experiences.

Using live sound design, live film, spoken word, audience interaction and toy cars, the performance is a multimedia, playful interrogation of the truth behind the contraceptive pill, exploring what living in an alternate reality with mental health feels like.

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You must book a free ticket to attend this performance.

Trigger warning: The performance contains themes and depictions of anxiety, panic attack episodes, depression and suicide ideation. The performance contains strong language and adult themes, loud noises and strobe lighting. The performance contains audience interaction.

Please note: Due to Covid-19, if any of the company display symptoms or are asked to isolate, the performance will be rescheduled, and ticket holders will be contacted.

All audience members will be seated socially distanced and we request that masks are worn throughout the venue and during the performance for the safety of other audience members, the performers and the company.