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Talk & Class: Pilates for Pregnant

El Estudio Pilates Boutique is launching a series of specific Pilates Programs: Talk & Class.

During these free sessions, specific areas of Pilates will be discussed and practiced to educated and enlighten everyone on specific areas and constructs of Pilates.

Pilates for Pregnant Women

The Pilates method has incorporated an exercise program adapted to the prenatal stage. The program includes Mat, Reformer, Tower exercises, and various accessories designed to improve posture, balance, and muscle tone. We’ll present adapted exercises used during the Prenatal programs; theoretical concepts will be analyzed and updated, including risk factors during each trimester to design a safe and effective class.

Please wear comfy clothes. This class is for pregnant women.
Workshop is free but booking is mandatory.

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    Weaver Walk
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El Estudio Pilates studio in Wembley Park

With some of the best Pilates instructors London has to offer, all of El Estudio’s instructors are fully certified to ensure every class is high quality. Their light and airy studio creates a relaxing environment, with all the latest state-of-the-art equipment to maximise your Pilates experience. From Reformer Pilates machines to Cardio Tramp equipment and more, El Estudio’s timetable is uniquely curated to meet clients needs and goals.