Other Cinemas Weekender at The Yellow in Wembley Park





Other Cinemas Weekender - Sunday

Join Other Cinemas at The Yellow for their 2021 weekender of free events which will be exploring the theme 'colonialism, legacies and resistances’.

On the final day of the weekender, Sunday the 14th of November, we will continue the programme’s exploration of the legacies of colonialism and resistances with a focus on the traditions of political filmmaking, past and present.

Sunday 13th November - from 1pm, free

Nadia Latif showcase + Q&A, 1pm

We start the day at 1pm with screenings of Nadia Latif’s two short horror films, White Girl and They Heard Him Shout Allahu Akbar, films which explore the enduring legacies colonialism in unique ways. Nadia will be joining us for an in-person Q&A to explore the themes of white supremacy in her work and articulating new ways of creating politically aware films.

Panel - Political filmmaking with Ana Naomi de Sousa, Nadia Latif and Saeed Taji Farouky, 3pm

At 3pm Nadia will also be joining a panel exploring political filmmaking alongside Saeed Taji Farouky, a filmmaker whose work looks at conflict and colonialism (Saeed also runs the radical film school at South London Gallery), and Ana Naomi de Sousa, a documentary filmmaker and writer, whose work explores history, spatial politics, resistance and identity.

Sambizanga (1972) - dir, Sarah Maldoror, 7pm

The theme of resistance continues in our final event of the weekender, a screening of Sarah Maldoror's brilliant Sambizanga at 7pm. The film paints a piercing portrait of the Angolan anticolonial struggle through the lens of its female protagonist, Maria. Maldoror adapted the film from a novella by Angolan writer Jose Luandino, which was banned till Angolan independence in 1975. The film will be introduced by Ana Naomi de Sousa.

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