Critical Role

Critical Role at OVO Arena Wembley in Wembley Park.

In the wake of the chaos after the Apogee Solstice, the Mighty Nein join forces yet again to deal with the rolling dangers suddenly unleashed. Join Game Master Matthew Mercer and his fellow Critical Role cast members, Ashley Johnson, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Travis Willingham, Sam Riegel, Laura Bailey, and Liam O’Brien, as they step back into their roles as the Mighty Nein for their very first international live show.

OVO Arena Wembley in Wembley Park

You know you’re in London’s most iconic live music venue when the echoes of “Hello Wembley!” are ringing through your ears. OVO Arena Wembley has been a destination for music and live entertainment for over 80 years and it’s not slowing down. With over 100 events every year and over one million visitors each year passing through its legendary doors, OVO Arena Wembley (formerly known as The SSE Arena, Wembley) has something for everyone, from the most in-demand gigs from a hot new artist to classic once-in-a-lifetime performances from your favourite band.