Play With Your Sole  for Toddler Football Coaching at The Yellow in Wembley Park





Play With Your Sole - Toddler Football Coaching

As part of Wembley Park’s Summer of Play, we’re celebrating sport on Olympic Way with a range of free outdoor active workshops for you to take part in.

We're all in the sporting spirit this summer - footie fans or not - now you can have your chance to get in on the action along Wembley Park’s Avenue of Champions.

Futsarcise with Play With Your Sole

Join The Yellow's Play With Your Sole (PWS) for Futsarcise - Toddler Football Coaching. Perfect for ages 3-5, PWS is bringing you different styles of football for all your needs. The engaging classes are skill-based sessions that are perfect for your little ones to pick up a new hobby and meet new friends. Where's better to learn football than under the shadow of the world-famous arch?

Visit PWS' Instagram @pwsfutsal

Wembley Park's Weekend of Sport

On Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th July, Wembley Park are transforming the recently completed Olympic Way into a celebration of all things sport. From 10am to 6pm each day, there will be a variety of free workshops and classes for all ages to take part in. Learn new football skills, dance whilst you exercise, practice your yoga, there’s something for all ages and abilities. It's your chance to get in on sporting action along Wembley Park’s Avenue of Champions.