Enitan's Game

Enter a secret world where magic and memory can heal in Punchdrunk Enrichment's new family theatre production, Enitan's Game.

Tucked away off a busy road in Wembley Park is a special place. Warm and welcoming, it’s a home for many when you are far from your own.

Inside you’ll find Enitan and Ged, two friends who collect objects and stories. One such item is a game, made by Enitan’s grandfather when she first arrived in the UK. As a young girl, whenever she felt sad or homesick they played it together. It made her feel stronger and helped her grow. Now Enitan’s grandfather has gone and she needs your help to play again. Together you’ll enter a secret world where magic and memory can heal.

An immersive theatre show for 6-11 year olds from Punchdrunk Enrichment in their brand new venue. Enitan’s Game celebrates the power of shared stories, loss and community.

Pick a card, let the journey begin.

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About Punchdrunk Enrichment

Punchdrunk Enrichment creates unforgettable theatrical experiences that inspire and engage people of all ages. Through their innovative approach to storytelling, they bring communities and schools together to celebrate the power of imagination.

As an independent charity, Punchdrunk Enrichment is dedicated to making their immersive productions accessible to everyone. Discover the magic at www.punchdrunkenrichment.org.uk