Afghan Supper Club at The Yellow in Wembley Park

Afghan Supper Club

Four courses. Many stories. Join The Yellow on Saturday 10th December for an introduction to Afghan food, with all proceeds going towards The Trussell Trust (Stop UK Hunger).

Through a limited number of supper clubs, Afghan Table will promote and share the beautifully rich culture of the Afghan people, their roots, and the impact of the caravans and various travelling parties of the Silk Road. We shall travel to various regions of the country and entwine our own journey as refugees arriving in the UK in the early 80’s. We aim to enlighten and share the wonderful concept of Afghan hospitality ‘mehmanawazi’ to share stories and show gratitude for the opportunities that life gives!

Lets Eat!

We can adapt the menu vegetarian and/or vegan requirements.

Shorwa – Soup based on seasonal produce (Warm . Fragrant . Light . Heat)

Mantu – Dumplings filled with spiced meat sitting in a yogurt sauce and topped with a sweet tomato sauce (Moorish . Delightful . Delicate . Cool)
Kabuli Palu – Slow-cooked lamb cooked in steamed rice, bejeweled with sweet carrots, raisins and toasted nuts (Fragrant . Spice . Moorish . Balanced)
Borani Baanjaan – Baked Aubergine layered in a garlic-infused yogurt sauce accompanied by freshly baked bread (Fresh . Spice . Fragrant . Cool)

Salata – Afghan Salad (Fresh . Seasonal . Beautiful)

Sheeryakh – Homemade Afghan Ice Cream (Fresh . Sweet . Spice)
Chai Sabz / Chai NaaNa – Afghan tea (Green . Mint . Spice) .
A selection of non-alcoholic drinks will be provided: Still/Sparkling Water. Raspberry and pomegranate lemonade.

Afghan Supper Club will be held at The Yellow in Wembley Park on Saturday 10th December. Event starts at 7pm. £25 per person with all proceeds going to The Trussell Trust (Stop UK Hunger). Book here.

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