Odissi Dance Class at The Yellow in Wembley Park

Odissi Dance Class

Odissi Dance Class every Friday at The Yellow in Wembley Park.

Odissi is one of the eight classical dance forms of India. Born & nurtured in the temples of Odissa, Odissi dance is known for its fluid grace, sculptural sensuality & deep spirituality. The movement of the torso in odissi dance is one of its most distinctive features. Odissi is also a cultural and kinetic bridge between the geometrically etched dances extending south of Orissa and the lyricism and flow of dance in east India extending towards Southeast Asia. Put simply, the footwork may be precisely matching the percussion of the pakhawaj, while the upper torso litingly continues to shift throughout a rhythmic phrase. Under the aesthetic depth of Odissi dance, lies its essence of spirituality and the quest for realisation of the Divine. The spiritual elevation & the emotional depth, help the dancer rise from mundane worries of the world, and the joy & bliss one gets, as if he/she is one with the art and one with the Divine!

The class includes learning the basics of Odissi, theory and choreographies for performances. The students are being trained and given opportunities for performances in various dance festivals and events.
£6 per person. Email to book or call/text: 07424599674

Gairika Mathur is the founder of Nrityalaap, an Odissi Dance organisation which promotes the Indian classical dance in various platforms.Gairika, a lawyer by profession and an Odissi dancer by passion is a disciple of Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra from Bangalore, India. . She has established herself as a soloist and has performed in prestigious platforms, which includes British Army, New Scotland Yard, India House, Nehru Center, House of Lords, House of Parliament, Waterman’s Theater, London Fringe Festival, Reading University, Watford Palace Theater, Tabernacle Festival and many more. She has been felicitated with the Nrityashri award and has also been featured in the Indian Talent Magazine in July, 2015 as well as November 2018. Gairika has also collaborated wth highly accomplished Indian classical musicians and been part of four music videos. Her constant attempt is to spread the knowledge and beauty of Odissi dance in different platforms. Her organisation Nrityalaap has been invited in many prestigious platforms to showcase Odissi. She has also been part of few projects wherein dance had been used as a medium for therapy. For her, dance is like a therapy that rejuvenates you, heals you, and helps you express your emotions.

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