The Essence of Yoga at The Yellow in Wembley Park

The Essence of Yoga at The Yellow

Join The Yellow with Yogacharya Umesh (Guru Yoga) for their first in a series of exclusive seminars and classes to experience and explore traditional yoga and meditation in its complete form

Two hours seminars will explore the teachings of traditional asana practice and beyond, covering key facets that are often overlooked in modern styles of yoga most commonly found in the West – This will set the foundation to bring about a relaxed, grounded, and cantered state of being. The workshop is open to all levels of practice from beginner to advanced

  • What are the main 12 essential yoga postures for daily tuning of your body and mind with sequences that build strength, balance, focus, and physical intelligence
  • Learn breathing techniques that will improve lung capacity, physical activity, and peace of mind
  • On and off the mat yoga and how to incorporate yoga into your daily lives
  • What is Yoga? Why Yoga?
  • Gain exposure to yoga theory and philosophy

First 10 tickets are currently on sale for an early-bird special of £5. After this, tickets will be £10.

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On the day

  • Some Yoga mats are provided. Bring pen and paper to make notes. We will cover some yoga practices with talks on theory and philosophy
  • Avoid eating within one hour of the start time
  • Bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing for the class
  • Arrive 10 minutes before the start time - we will start the class promptly at 18:00
  • If you have any injuries or conditions, please make Umesh aware either before the class starts or in advance by email (
  • Please allow 10 -15 mins for Q&A after the event

About Yogacharya Umesh

Yoga was instilled at an early age in my life as I studied at the yogic “Gurukul” boarding School. I learnt Sanskrit which gave me a chance to learn some of the Vedic scriptures. Learnt yoga as a way of life at the age of 12. Practised further with Swami Manoharnandji in India. Certified by Sivananda Ashram, Kerala, India.

"Every moment is Yoga, How we breathe, how we eat, how we think, how we speak, and how we communicate with ourselves and with one another. Every moment is an opportunity to live Yoga" - Yogacharya Umesh

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The Yellow in Wembley Park

Be part of London’s cultural hot spot and discover The Yellow, Wembley Park’s community centre, events space, learning hub and fitness spot, open to everyone. The traditional village hall reimagined, The Yellow is a fun meeting point for education, support and so much more. A vibrant space in the heart of Wembley Park, you can expect a calendar jam-packed with workshops, classes, clubs and events that cover a huge range of topics and interests. Are you looking for a great place to do yoga in Wembley? Maybe a new arrival in the family has you searching for a fun and supportive parent and baby club. Perhaps you fancy taking up a cooking class? Or maybe you want to meet new people over a shared love of food, fitness, music or art. The Yellow has it all, and you’re welcome any time. Come and find out what it’s all about!