Wemba's Dream with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Wembley Park





Wemba's Dream - free performance festival

Join Wembley Park and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for a free, day-long performance experience festival.

Using music, dance, spoken word and theatre, Wemba's Dream brings to life the hopes, ambitions and fantasies of the people of Brent.

Many moons ago, a traveller called Wemba stopped and created his home here in Wembley. He was the first of generations of dreamers who have made Brent their home. And we want to celebrate those dreamers with a free festival of performance experiences, created and performed by the people of Brent.

Wemba's Dream

Exploring spoken word, contemporary music, accessible experiences, exhilarating dance and hypotonic graphics, Wemba's Dream brings together the best of Brent into four unique sensory art pieces, performed throughout the day across the neighbourhood. Immerse yourself in the productions as each creative delves into the world of dreams, aspirations and nightmares in their own way, just as Wemba dreamt and aspired of the Brent of today. Find out more about Wemba's Dream and the unique performances here.