Join Alpha Dancers at Wembley Park's free Pride for a free Pop Dance Class.





Wembley Park Pride - Alpha Dancers Pop Class

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    Union Park
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    Union Park, Wembley Park
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The Alpha Dancers believe that dance can bring people together & that's exactly what they do. The Alpha's Pop Dance classes are a fun, safe space for the queer community and our fierce allies who love to let loose on the dancefloor. There is absolutely no experience required while creating a fantastic, energetic routine that would make Beyonce herself envious.

About Instructor Gary Connor

Gary has been dancing since he was 5 years old and often describes dance as flowing through his veins..... which would make sense considering most of his family members are dancers too! Dance is constantly on his mind, whether at the supermarket or on the tube, you can guarantee he's dancing in his head. Dance for Gary is a way of changing/enhancing his mood. He always feels that when he dances, all his worries fall away and all he's left with is pure joy & passion and that's something that he loves to create in every class for all our members.

Pride in Wembley Park

Celebrate the London Pride in Wembley Park with the ultimate (and free) all-day party in Wembley Park. On Sunday 3rd July, Wembley Park will be transformed to mark the Platinum celebrations with free classes in Union Park and fierce performances at the Sound Shell. Expect a jam-packed, 100% inclusive day out full of drag, live music, workshops, some of the wildest entertainment and a whole lot of pride!

Soak up the Pride on the Sound Shell - or learn some new moves in Union Park!