Tim Tation at Wembley Park Pride





Wembley Park Pride - Tim Tation

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    Sound Shell
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Tim is the most handsome leader of The International Congregation of Lord Deep Thought! Join him for a light-hearted sermon or two and step into the light.. be prepared you may leave with a feeling of hunger!

Pride in Wembley Park

Celebrate the London Pride in Wembley Park with the ultimate (and free) all-day party in Wembley Park. On Sunday 3rd July, Wembley Park will be transformed to mark the Platinum celebrations with free classes in Union Park and fierce performances at the Sound Shell. Expect a jam-packed, 100% inclusive day out full of drag, live music, workshops, some of the wildest entertainment and a whole lot of pride!

Soak up the Pride on the Sound Shell - or learn some new moves in Union Park!