Winterfest Wembley Park Sonic Runway on Olympic Way



Winterfest 2019 has now, unfortunately, ended. The incredible season saw our first immersive winter lights trail, with 10 unique light and sound installations across our neighbourhood. And it was totally free to explore!

We hope you enjoyed and are looking forward to the next one. #WembleyPark To relive Winterfest, make sure you check out our video.

Christmas in Technicolour

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Winterfest Highlights

Winterfest will see Wembley Park transformed into a festival of light as 12 installations brighten up the neighbourhood this Christmas. Check out our top three must-see’s below.

Explore Winterfest art installations

For our first-ever edition of Winterfest, Wembley Park is transformed into an immersive technicolour playground, as 11 light and sound installations brighten up the neighbourhood this Christmas. These unique artworks form a dazzling festive backdrop to everything the area has to offer, from world-class shopping to dining, theatre and fabulous live entertainment.

  1. Sonic Runway by ARTIST ROB JENSEN AND WARREN TREZEVANT. Music ripples its way down a 130m corridor of concentric rings to trigger kaleidoscopic patterns of light in this acclaimed multi-sensory installation, which arrives in a Wembley Park winter straight from the Burning Man Festival, in the heat of the Nevada Desert. Designed by Californian artists Rob Jensen and Warren Trezevant.
  2. Illumaphonium: Halo by ARTIST MICHAEL DAVIS. Come together for the shared experience of spontaneous music-making in this interactive multimedia artwork. Brainchild of musician and inventor Michael Davis,  the Halos are twelve 3m-tall digitally-linked columns which use sensors and algorithms to make you the creator of your own soundscape and light display.
  3. The Hopeful Tree by ARTIST ELYNE LEGARNISSON. Created by architectural designer Elyne Legarnisson, London’s tallest-ever LED Christmas tree towers over Wembley Park during Winterfest. Whether you’re wandering through it or admiring from afar, the vast conical structure, lit by more than 100,000 low-energy lightbulbs, forms a dazzling centrepiece to this year’s festival.
  4. StarBox. Back again for its second year, StarBox is hugely popular among visitors in search of the perfect Instagram moment. Frame yourself in the star-shaped cut-outs of this dazzling gold & sequins gift box and get snapping!
  5. Murmuration of Hopes by ARTIST ELYNE LEGARNISSON. Conceived by artist Elyne Legarnisson, this site-specific installation features illuminated trees and LED banners suspended across Olympic Way, on which digital ‘flocks’ of light imitate the intricate patterns, or murmurations, created by small birds in flight.
  6. Love Spot. Pucker up for a smooch with your loved one – or just loiter in hope – under this pulsating oversized heart, freshly bedecked with mistletoe to ignite new passions for the festive season.
  7. Saturation Surge by ARTIST MASER. Bold geometric shapes and patterns highlight the distinctive perspective of Wembley Park’s iconic Spanish Steps, as acclaimed Irish street artist Maser brings a much-needed dash of Pop Art colour to brighten up the dull winter days.
  8. Shadow Wall by ARTIST JASON BRUGES. The shadows and silhouettes of passers-by create a monochromatic media artwork on a light-sensitive canvas in the Royal Route underpass, referencing the ebb and flow of crowds entering and departing Wembley Park.
  9. Royal Wave by ARTIST JASON BRUGES. Artist Jason Bruges brings the balustrades of the Royal Route to life in a digital Mexican wave created from portraits of local community members. This constantly shifting artwork is inspired by the pioneering motion-picture techniques of 19th century photographer Eadweard Muybridge.
  10. Crossover by ARTIST MIRIAMANDTOM. This permanent artwork by miriamandtom takes its palette from the surrounding area, and envelopes Bobby Moore Bridge in angular bands of colour, reflecting the diversity of the community that lives in, and passes through, Wembley Park on a daily basis.