Ladies taking a photo with The Shadow Wall by Jason Bruges in Wembley Park

Shadow Wall artwork by Jason Bruges

Royal Route Underpass Mixed digital media, 2019

Conceived by internationally renowned artist and designer Jason Bruges, Shadow Wall is a site-specific monochromatic, interactive media artwork focused on the eastern elevation of the Royal Route underpass, where the shadows and silhouettes of the crowds passing through the space generate the resultant artwork. The canvas is light sensitive and with a multitude of shadows overlaying creates a palimpsest effect on the surface. The slotted metallic facade references the ebb and flow of the crowds entering and departing Wembley Park, which is reminiscent of the way in which the royal family arrived in procession.

Artist Bio

Jason Bruges Studio has become internationally renowned for producing innovative installations, interventions and ground breaking works. This practice involves creating interactive spaces and surfaces that sit between the world of architecture, site specific installation art and interaction design. Considered a pioneer of this hybrid in-between space, Jason has subsequently paved the way for a new genre of design studios, artists and designer-makers. Born on 15th September 1972, Jason Bruges is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in London. Jason’s work blends architecture with interaction design and uses a high-tech, mixed media palette to explore spectacle, time-based interventions and dynamic spatial experiences.

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