Meadows of Change by HagenHinderdael, part of Wembley Park's Art Trail

Wembley Park Art Trail

Free public art exhibit

Working with leading artists and community contributors, Wembley Park's boulevards and areas are a vast free public gallery of art and culture. Enhancing the area’s global reputation for sport, music and live entertainment, our public art highlights Wembley Park as a diverse, distinctive and vibrant neighbourhood.

Our free art trail consists of 14 pieces across a number of mediums, including paints, digital mixed media and upcycled materials. Learn more about each artwork and its artist below.

Explore our art trail

Wonder around Wembley Park and discover our vibrant pieces, interactive artworks and photo-worthy murals. Click to find out more about each of the art pieces.

  1. Bobby Moore tile mural under Bobby Moore Bridge in Wembley Park

    Bobby Moore Bridge Tile Mural

    location: Booby Moore Bridge

    Dedicated to the legend himself, find out more about our Bobby Moore Bridge tile mural.

  2. Mr Doodle artwork in Wembley Park

    Mr Doodle

    location: Market Square

    Check out our Mr Doodle graffiti spaghetti upcycled cinder blocks in Wembley Park's Market Square.

  3. Fire & Water artwork by Suiko at Elvin Gardens in Wembley Park

    Fire and Water by Suiko

    location: Elvin Gardens

    Discover more about Japanese street artist Suiko's latest piece in Elvin Gardens, the dynamic and vibrant Fire and Ice.

  4. Tilia Tree Totems in Elvin Gardens at Wembley Park

    Tilia Tree Totems by Stephen Stockbridge

    location: Elvin Gardens

    Designed alongside Wembley Park residents, the upcycled Tilia Tree Totems are our latest community artwork piece.

  5. United in Light Photography Exhibition at Wembley Park

    United in Light

    location: Spanish Steps

    Find out more about Wembley Park-commissioned, United in Light Photography exhibition

  6. Kylie Minogue's handprints at the Square of Fame in Wembley Parl

    Square of Fame

    location: Arena Square

    Check out Arena Square's answer to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Wembley Park's Square of Fame.

  7. Symbols of Unity on Spanish Steps in Wembley Park

    Symbols of Unity by Benjamin Watts

    location: Spanish Steps

    Find out more about iconography artwork, Symbols of Unity by Benjamin Watts

  8. Beton Ginnel Mural in Wembley Park

    Beton Ginnel Mural by Muzeo

    location: Wembley Park Boulevard

    Learn more about Muzeo's team of artists interactive spacial piece, the Beton Ginnel Mural.

  9. Cartographer’s Fugue By Vivien Zhang in The Hive at Wembley Park

    Cartographer's Fugue by Vivien Zhang

    location: The Hive

    Inside The Hive, Vivien Zhang's oil art piece Cartographer's Fugue represents the flux of Wembley Park as a site.

  10. Better Together by Pref, mural in Wembley Park

    Better Together by Pref

    location: Opposite London Designer Outlet

    Learn more about Brent-born Pref's opening highlight of the September's London Mural Festival, Better Together.

  11. Let the Good Times Roll by Toby Triumph, part of the Wembley Park Art Trail

    Let the Good Times Roll by Toby Triumph

    location: London Designer Outlet

    Discover playful and delicious artwork with Let the Good Times Roll by Toby Triumph.

  12. Royal Wave by Jason Bruges in Wembley Park

    Royal Wave by Jason Bruges

    location: Royal Route Underpass

    Check out Jason Bruges' mixed digital media piece Royal Wave, a bespoke lenticular wave generated from local residents.

  13. Ladies taking a photo with The Shadow Wall by Jason Bruges in Wembley Park

    Shadow Wall by Jason Bruges

    location: Royal Route Underpass

    A fully interactive art piece by Jason Bruges, the Shadow Wall mimicks passers-by on a light-based canvas.

There’s more outdoor art to savour as Wembley Park launches a brand spanking new art trail, featuring 15 installations by artists from around the world.


Spotlight on: Inside Out London by JR

Turning the city into an outdoor gallery, Inside Out London by JR, will capture the portraits and stories of people that make up our great city, and specifically those from Brent in the Wembley Park addition. By one of the world’s most renowned photographers and street artists, over the past decade, more than 400,000 people across 138 countries have taken part in the Inside Out project, which has inspired collaborations and conversations about a range of topics including diversity, feminism, racism, climate change and art. Find out more here.


  1. Is the art trail free?

    Yes! The art trail in Wembley Park is completely free

  2. How long will the art trail take?

    The art trail will take 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your pace

  3. Is it accessible?

    Yes! The art trail and Wembley Park are both completely accessible

  4. Where is the best place to start?

    We recommend coming from Wembley Park tube station, however you can start wherever you want

  5. How can I find out more about each piece?

    You can find out more about each piece from selecting the artwork above.

  6. Am I allowed to take photos?

    Of course! Please take as many pictures as possible - and we'd love to see them using @wembleyparkldn or #WembleyPark

  7. Is there anywhere I can get a coffee or some food to enjoy?

    Of course! Plenty of Wembley Park's restaurants and coffee shops are offering takeaway options. You can view them all here.

  8. Are toilets open?

    Yes! You can find toilets in London Designer Outlet and Brent Civic Centre


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