Mr Doodle Art London

The Mr. Doodle Caravan

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    Quintain Living Hub, Olympic Way, Wembley Park, Wembley, UK
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Aerosol Paint on Fiberglass, 2019

Sam Cox, the artist better known as Mr Doodle, has emerged as a preeminent figure in British contemporary art in recent years. His distinctive "graffiti spaghetti" aesthetic, characterised by intricate linear patterns and anthropomorphic doodles, has captivated audiences globally. Cox has a cult following on Instagram of over 3 million admirers.

Mr Doodle's works have achieved impressive commercial success, with pieces like "Big Kitty" selling for £6.3 million ($7.6 million) at Sotheby's Hong Kong in 2022, setting a new record for the artist. In October 2022 Mr Doodle achieved global fame and media coverage when he spent three years covering every surface of his 12-bedroom mansion in Kent with his signature doodles, fulfilling a childhood dream.

Wembley Park has played a pivotal role in bringing Mr Doodle's public art to the masses. In 2017, the neighbourhood hosted one of the first major outdoor installations by the artist. His return in 2019 saw the creation of the Mr. Doodle Caravan at the Quintain Living Hub on Olympic Way, further cementing his connection to the neighbourhood.

Created to be blend art and functionality, the doodled caravan serves as both a utilitarian coffee spot for guests of Quintain Living, and a portal to imaginative travels, transporting viewers into a world of creative escapism through Mr. Doodle's signature scribbled aesthetic.

One you exit the Quintain Living Hub, continue towards Market Square where you will encounter over 30 concrete cinders adorned with Mr Doodle's signature hand-drawn characters. These quirky figures, inspired by iconic Wembley moments spanning music and sports, invites observers to experience the area's rich cultural heritage through the artist's unique lens.