Fire & Water artwork by Suiko at Elvin Gardens in Wembley Park

Fire and Water by Suiko

Elvin Gardens, Aerosol Paint on Concrete, 2020

Fire & Water is a new street art commission for Wembley Park’s Elvin Gardens, designed by Japanese graffiti artist Suiko. One of Japan’s most celebrated graffiti writers, Suiko has a unique style that blends bubbling shapes with dynamic lines and vibrant colour schemes. At Elvin Gardens, Suiko wrote two words, “水” (aqua) and “光”(solar) in Chinese / Japanese calligraphy. He feels these words inspire the development of the neighbourhood and the Wembley Park community’s enjoyment of the pocket park.

Artist bio

Graffiti artist SUIKO was born in Oita, Japan. He grew up in Hiroshima and the city became the base for all of his artistic activities. Becoming interested in graffiti in high school, SUIKO started painting on walls after graduation. Focusing on letters, his work is expressive and full of bubbling shapes, dynamic line, and vibrant color schemes. Traveling throughout Japan, Europe, and other parts of Asia, SUIKO looks forward to working with artists from around the world whose style and cultural backgrounds are different from his own. These experiences along with calligraphy and Ukiyoe (Japanese woodblock prints) inspired his dynamic Chinese character designs, which have become his original style. SUIKO lives and works in Japan and is considered one of the country’s leading graffiti writers.

Visit his website here.