Landscapes of Women by Laxmi Hussain as part of the 'Figures of Change' Wembley Park Art Trail in Wembley Park

Landscapes of Women by Laxmi Hussain

Splay Steps, Paint on Concrete, 2022

Landscapes of Women is a tribute to the female form, celebrating the diversity of women throughout the borough. In an abstract way, the playful installation aims to emulate landscapes as well as representing the organic curves of the human body. To engage the community, Laxmi invited 5 female members of the public from Brent to paint one section of the artwork.

Artist Bio

Elegant and ethereal but also precise and geometric, Laxmi Hussain’s drawings and paintings exist somewhere between the abstract and the realistic, often presenting what appear to be the free-flowing organic forms of the body through intricately ordered patterns. Her finely detailed line forms are rooted in a fascination with architecture, a subject she studied for several years before becoming disillusioned with the constraints and rigidity of the discipline. Her inspiration comes from the forms encountered in everyday life, from the body, the tenderness of motherhood, the natural shapes of the body as a vessel and its evolution as it moves through life.

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Figures of Change art trail

Launching for International Women's Day 2022, 'Figures of Change’ consists of eight major public realm artworks by an all-female line up of leading artists from around the world. Curated by Zoë Allen of Artistic Statements, 'Figures of Change' adds to the existing Wembley Park Art Trail and takes shape across a myriad of unconventional outdoor canvases in site specific locations around the neighbourhood. The free public art includes digital pieces, lighting installations, typography, graphic design, photography and illustration. Reflecting the theme of IWD2022, 'Figures of Change' explores the positive shift in attitudes towards women and a collective desire for change following a hugely destabilising global pandemic.