Mr Doodle artwork in Wembley Park

Mr. Doodle Concrete Blocks

Various, Aerosol Paint on Concrete, 2018

Much-loved British artist Mr Doodle, who describes his style as “graffiti spaghetti”, has transformed over 30 concrete cinder blocks in Wembley Park’s Market Square and around the neighbourhood into a spectacular street art installation. Look closely and admire a triumph of idiosyncratic characters, inspired by iconic Wembley moments, from music events to football triumphs, all hand-drawn into an elaborate pattern by the doodle man himself.

Artist bio

Mr Doodle is a doodler from England.His work consumes walls, furniture and many surfaces, almost like a virus and is often described as 'Graffiti Spaghetti'. This is because his clusters of characters, objects and patterns group together in a formation that appears to continue to grow relentlessly.

Visit his website here.