Royal Wave by Jason Bruges in Wembley Park

Royal Wave by Jason Bruges

Royal Route Underpass, Mixed digital media, 2019

Royal Wave is a site-specific artwork inspired by the journeys in and out of the stadium that historically were celebrated by audiences lining the edges of the routes. As the crowds approach the underpass from the southerly or northerly direction they are greeted by a scaled and bespoke lenticular wave generated from portraits of local people and the observer’s movement in relation to it. A parametric algorithm was used to evaluate the frames of movement from a photoshoot with local community members, photographed by Amanda Rose from Amanda Rose Photo. The lenticular formatting was inspired by the photography of Eadweard Muybridge, and developed with a unique understanding from the site and analysis of the vistas leading up to the underpass. The fifteen upcycled signage panels have been repurposed as a dynamic piece that brings the local participants to the artwork.

Artist bio

Jason Bruges Studio has become internationally renowned for producing innovative installations, interventions and ground breaking works. This practice involves creating interactive spaces and surfaces that sit between the world of architecture, site specific installation art and interaction design. Considered a pioneer of this hybrid in-between space, Jason has subsequently paved the way for a new genre of design studios, artists and designer-makers. Born on 15th September 1972, Jason Bruges is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in London. Jason’s work blends architecture with interaction design and uses a high-tech, mixed media palette to explore spectacle, time-based interventions and dynamic spatial experiences.

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