Crossover by miriamandtom, artwork for Wembley Park

Crossover by miriamandtom

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    Olympic Way, Wembley Park, Wembley, UK
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Bobby Moore Bridge, Digital, 2019

Commissioned for the newly refurbished Bobby Moore Bridge on Olympic Way, Crossover is a light installation by architectural design collective, miriamandtom. Taking its colour palette from the surrounding area, the artwork brings a daily sense of celebration to the residents of Wembley Park, visitors to the neighbourhood, and the steady crossover of people and events that the Bobby Moore Bridge is witness to.

Artist bio

miriamandtom is a design collective led by designers and creative entrepreneurs, Miriam Sleeman and Tom Sloan. Bringing together their respective backgrounds in architectural studies and industrial design, Sleeman and Sloan work with developers, planners and public programmers to engage communities, users and stakeholders in the process of civic change. The result is that emergent projects – often in highly sensitive urban contexts – are celebrated and supported by the communities which use them. The work includes immersive light installations and captivating hoardings to cladding systems and temporary structures. While the projects vary in scope, they are unified by the idea that light (whether sourced or reflected), can be sculpted like a primary material. miriamandtom’s approach is also characterised by a process-driven philosophy that offers creative solutions to the cultural and social aspects of urban projects – generating both spatial as well as conceptual opportunities for social cohesion and civic engagement.

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