Impossible Greenhouse by Jenny cox, part of the free Wembley Park Art Trail

Impossible Greenhouses by Jenny Cox

Wembley Park, Paint, 2022

Having made its debut on 24 November 2022, Impossible Greenhouses is a multi-site artwork by London based artist Jenny Cox, which transformed six electrical cabinets across Wembley Park into imagined greenhouses. The artwork was inspired by community-led gardening projects, which turn something unloved into a thing of beauty that benefits the local community. The cabinets have now been transformed into greenhouses containing impossible combinations of vegetation and flora submitted by local residents through a participation workshop. As a result, all plant forms featured carry memories and meaning for members of the Wembley Park community, as well as creating restful spaces to pause and reflect. Green spaces connect us in this way, strengthening emotional connections to a space whilst providing something pleasing to look at for passers-by. Like the Wardian Boxes of early 19th Century plant collectors, the greenhouses create a stage in which the plant forms - and their associated stories - can be celebrated and admired. A permanent addition to the Wembley Park art trail, the colour palette has been carefully chosen to be suitable for all seasons, and offer the calming presence of green spaces year round.

" Inspired by guerrilla gardening projects and plants important to local residents, the contents of each Impossible Greenhouse is elevated to resemble precious glass houses containing items growing intertwined with and alongside each other. Plant forms have been manipulated to be shown growing at scales beyond their natural capacity, and with plants they couldn’t grow with in the natural environment." Jenny Cox

To celebrate the completion of the commission, videographer @ben_prideaux accompanied Jenny to film some behind the scenes snippets and document some of our greenhouses settling in around the site. View the film here:Jenny Cox - Impossible Greenhouses

Wembley Park Art Trail - Impossible Greenhouses by Jenny Cox - Detail
Wembley Park Art Trail - Impossible Greenhouses by Jenny Cox - Detail