Laura Pelinski from El Estudio at Wembley Park

How to build exercise and wellness into your everyday routine

Laura Pelinski, founder of El Estudio Pilates Boutique in Wembley Park sits down to give us her top tips on staying fit.

Between work and catching up with friends and family, it can be hard to find time to keep fit. But staying in shape doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, you can fit it into your daily routine with these top tips from Laura.

Why is fitness important?

The only thing you have in your life forever is your body. Exercise is about keeping moving, your weight under control and looking after yourself long-term, for health reasons rather than aesthetics.

Pilates class at El Estudio Pilates studio in Wembley Park

Are there any quick wins when it comes to fitness?

Definitely! Here are my top tips:

  1. Eat well. Summer is great for seasonal produce. Try to focus on natural, unprocessed foods with lots of fruit and veg. Baby carrots, chard, courgettes and summer squashes are ideal, with cherries, berries and rhubarb for a sweet treat. Swapping out refined sugars for a natural alternative is also a great quick win.
  2. Stay hydrated. Water is particularly important during the warmer months. All you have to do to benefit is drink more of it. Aim for at least two litres per day.
  3. Fit exercise into your daily routine whenever possible. Need to pop to the shops or the letterbox? Then walk or cycle instead of drive. You can also take longer routes to bump up your step count. And always go for the stairs, not the lift. You could take a walk at lunchtime too, to rest your mind from your daily activities, enjoy some fresh air and push towards the recommended 10,000 steps per day. These small-seeming changes all add up.
  4. Commit to at least two sessions per week for any new fitness activity. It will help keep you engaged and you’ll enjoy faster health benefits.
  5. Build exercise into your social life. You could go for a long evening walk while catching up with friends, join a class together or meet new people at a local fitness group.
  6. Adopt a self-care mindset. Whether it’s affirmations, taking time to meditate or simply focusing on your breathing, take a positive, proactive attitude to wellness. Stick with it and you’ll soon feel it paying off.