El Estudio Pilates Boutique in Wembley Park

El Estudio Pilates in Wembley Park

El Estudio Pilates in Wembley Park offers Pilates classes and lessons at flexible and affordable prices, making exercise and healthy living accessible to all. The El Estudio Pilates studio is located on Weaver Walk.

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    Contact spelinski@bmcpilates.co.uk
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    1 Weaver Walk, Wembley Park, Wembley HA9 0LE, United Kingdom
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The perfect combination between physical conditioning and boosting your health, El Estudio Pilates' blended class list explores all levels of Pilates, including Reformer Pilates, Tower classes, mat work and Cardio Tramp classes. Divided into tiered levels - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - their Pilates classes are perfect for newbies to seasoned veterans.

If you’re looking for Pilates classes for beginners, you’re in the right spot as the El Estudio Pilates' team dedicate time to each individual to walk them through the art of Pilates and determine the right starting point. El Estudio Pilates in Wembley Park also offers Pilates classes for over 60's and pre and post natal programs.

Have some questions? Email spelinski@bmcpilates.co.uk for more info.

El Estudio Pilates studio in Wembley Park

With some of the best Pilates instructors London has to offer, all of El Estudio’s instructors are fully certified to ensure every class is high quality. Their light and airy studio creates a relaxing environment, with all the latest state-of-the-art equipment to maximise your Pilates experience. From Reformer Pilates machines to Cardio Tramp equipment and more, El Estudio Pilates' timetable is uniquely curated to meet clients needs and goals.

Meet Laura Pelinski

A fully certified and dedicated Pilates instructor with over 20 years experience, Laura Pelinski is founder of BMC Pilates and El Estudio. Her love and passion for Pilates has seen her open studios all over the globe, as well as train and teach others. She specialises in post-rehabilitation and athletic performance.

Laura Pelinski from El Estudio at Wembley Park