Kaye Sotomi, founder of Chop Chop hair salon in Wembley Park talks inclusion, sustainability and style.

What is the Chop Chop ethos?

The 21st century is all about shared experiences – we live, work, eat, keep fit, socialise and party together. So why can’t we get our hair cut together? This was the driving force behind the founding of Chop Chop: the exclusion from hair opportunities on the high street for anyone with textured hair.

Chop Chop provides inclusive, accessible and convenient hairdressing services. We’re not focused on gender or texture – just hair.

Chop Chop in Wembley Park
Chop Chop in Wembley Park

What makes Chop Chop different?

We welcome clients with all hair types. Brent is such a diverse borough. We reflect that in our business. The result is that people of all ages, ethnicities, hair types and walks of life step through our doors.

Sustainability is important too. We reduce and reuse as much as possible to minimise our carbon footprint. We use botanical, plant-based products and vegan-friendly brands. For us, style and sustainability go hand in hand.

What’s next for Chop Chop?

We plan to grow the team and the brand, challenging the industry to be more inclusive and sustainable.

We will open more stores and hopefully a Chop Chop Academy here in Wembley Park. The neighbourhood is so diverse and so supportive of independent enterprises, it feels like the right location.

Chop Chop is all about community. Our aim is to be a B Corp, so that we can showcase the right balance between people, profits and planet.