Meat bowl from Spoon and Rice at Boxpark Wembley in Wembley Park

Spoon & Rice in Wembley Park

Get your tastebuds tingling with the help of the fastest-growing Filipino street food vendor in London. Spoon & Rice is located in Unit 18 of Boxpark Wembley and serves an incredible menu of authentic Filipino street food that guarantees satisfaction in every bite. Be sure to stop by Wembley Park so you don’t miss out on their iconic special barbecue sauce!

Spoon & Rice is the ultimate foodies destination. The menu has been carefully crafted to embody Filipino culture in every bite. From traditional barbecues to cultural favourites, guests can enjoy juicy grilled pork belly, chicken BBQ, kamote fries and more. There are also some vegetarian options available too. All meals are homemade and prepared with the freshest ingredients.

Taking inspiration from its rich cultural history, the Filipino menu is influenced by Spanish, American, Japanese, Malay, Chinese, Western and Pacific Islander cuisines. This has led to a diverse mix of flavours, colours and delicious aromas. So having dinner at Spoon & Rice is like a full sensory experience.

Spoon & Rice top choices

All meals at Spoon & Rice are packed with flavour and prepared with love. The team claims that with every bite your dreams are coming true and that’s easy to believe with such an enticing menu on offer. So if you find yourself at Spoon & Rice in Wembley Park and you're not sure what to have, we recommend the following top dishes:

  • Manila grilled pork belly
  • Adobo glazed aubergine
  • Pinoy grilled chicken
  • Spoon & Rice kamote fries
  • Spoon & Rice turon

History of Spoon & Rice

Spoon & Rice started life as a mobile franchise and then in 2020, John Belmonte, the sole owner and Chief Executive Officer of Spoon & Rice opened the first fixed location at Boxpark Wembley. The success of the brand has made Spoon & Rice one of the fastest-growing Filipino street food vendors in London.