Itsu in Wembley Park

itsu in Wembley Park

Beautiful food, beautifully done. itsu in Wembley Park serves up Asian-inspired healthy and nutritious fast food, with protein-packed dishes full of fresh ingredients and plenty of flavour.

itsu in Wembley Park sticks to simple rules to create nutritious dishes which are freshly made with responsibly sourced ingredients. Always steamed - never fried - itsu's menu is packed with vegetables, vitamins, protein, fibre and flavour, making their fast food style set up a healthier choice.

Their menu is heavily influenced by Asian dishes and flavours, with a huge selection of sushi, salads, rice and noodle bowls, gyoza, soups and sides. They even have sharing platter options and sweet treats to satisfy that sweet tooth.

  • Opening hours:

    Open daily, 11am to 9pm

  • Location:

    18 Wembley Park Boulevard, HA9 0HP
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itsu top choices

With such a huge (and we mean huge) menu of seriously tasty food, we've rounded up some of the best dishes served fresh at itsu in Wembley Park:

  • California rolls
  • Veggie dragon rolls
  • Klean'katsu rice'bowl
  • Korean BBQ chicken rice'bowl
  • Chilli chicken gyoza noodle'bowl
  • Japanese curry stir-fry style udon noodles
  • Detox miso'noodle soup
  • Famous coconut chicken

itsu loyalty

A big itsu fan? Download their app and collect a stamp every time you visit and spend more than £5. Collect seven butterflies & enjoy a complimentary dish, snack or drink. Find out more here.