Big Moe's American Diner in London Designer Outlet Wembley Park

Big Moe's Diner in Wembley Park

Legend has it that the idea for Big Moe’s Diner began in the heart of a man with a passion for classic American dining.

He loved the taste of home-grilled burgers, hand-cut fries cooked to golden perfection, and thick, cool milkshakes slurped by straw. Equally important was for this to be enjoyed alongside good old fashion customer service, where you’re greeted at the door and served in your seat. But where could he experience this authentically without taking an expensive plane ride across the Atlantic Sea? Then the idea struck him.

Seeing that Britain lacked such a genuine classic US dining experience he set about recreating one of his own, and yup, Big Moe’s Diner was born. Night after night, with often nothing but the flicker of candlelight to guide him, he worked tirelessly to bring his plan together, sparing not even the tiniest of detail in recapturing the spirit and tradition of an authentic American Diner, straight out of the 1950’s.

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Big Moe's American Diner Burger in London Designer Outlet Wembley Park