Big Moe's American Diner in London Designer Outlet Wembley Park

Big Moe's Diner in Wembley Park

For a dining experience that will transport you back in time to 1950s America, get yourself down to Big Moe’s Diner in Wembley Park, located on Level Two of the London Designer Outlet. Whatever time of day you visit, there is a delicious menu on offer, from traditional New York-style breakfasts to classic fries and hot dogs, they’ve got the grub guaranteed to put an end to your hunger.

Big Moe’s unique menu focuses on wild west inspired cuisine and while this might be an American-style diner, it certainly isn't your average greasy spoon. The culinary geniuses at the diner say their aim is to serve food that’s good, fresh and healthy. That’s why they use nothing but the best ingredients, with no gunk!

The main menu is made up of a delicious choice of barbecued meats including beef or chicken burgers, lamb ribs and steaks. If you're looking for something a little lighter or less meaty, you can also choose from a selection of fish, veggie and vegan options. All meals are served with fries and a number of other mouth-watering sides.

Big Moe’s big choices

The menu offers everything you’d expect from an authentic 1950’s diner, the hard part is choosing what to have! Alongside the variety of sides and shakes, there is also plenty of hearty main meals. From starters to desserts, here are some of the top picks from Big Moe’s Diner:

  • Buffalo and BBQ wings
  • A full rack of lamb ribs
  • Classic Big Dog
  • Big Moe’s Diner-mite burger
  • Texan strip burger
  • Double chocolate chip cookie dough

History of Big Moe’s Diner

Though his identity hasn't been revealed, the legend goes that Big Moe’s was started by a man with a passion for classic American dishes and great customer service. But stuck for where to find this without hopping on a plane and heading to the US, Big Moe’s Diner was born. The delicious menu was carefully crafted and the interiors of the diner were carefully designed to ensure the restaurant recaptured that 1950s spirit.

  • Opening hours:

    Monday - Thursday - 11.30 am - 9.30 pm.
    Friday - 11.30 am - 10.30 pm.
    Saturday - 9 am - 10.30 pm.
    Sunday 9 am - 9.30 pm.

  • Location:

    London Designer Outlet
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Big Moe's American Diner Burger in London Designer Outlet Wembley Park