Nandos Platter in London Designer Outlet Wembley Park

Nandos in Wembley Park

Are you looking to spice up your meal times? Nandos is home to the legendary PERi-PERi chicken and many other mouth-watering classics. Located on Level Two of the London De-signer Outlet in Wembley Park, stop by to get your hands on all your PERi-PERi favourites.

The delicious taste of Nandos' signature PERi-PERi seasoning comes from the African Bird’s Eye Chilli, complete with a bit of garlic and a squeeze of lemon. Add these to perfectly flame-grilled chicken and you’ve got Nandos famous menu.

You’ll be spoilt for choice, starting with chicken on or off the bone. You can also enjoy your chicken in a choice of burgers, wraps and pittas. Ranging from mild to fiery flavours, there is also a selection of sides, salads and sharing platters to complement these.

But believe it or not, it’s no longer just about the chicken. There are plenty of exciting vegetarian and vegan options available as well as a children’s menu for younger visitors.

Nandos top choices

First thing’s first, you need to choose your spice level, ranging from mild lemon and herb to extra hot. Once you know how spicy you want your meal, the chef will prepare your chosen dish. If you're new to Nandos or you just want to shake things up a bit, consider ordering some of these popular mains and sides:

  • 10 wing roulette
  • Boneless chicken thighs
  • Grilled chicken burger, pitta or wrap
  • Beanie burger
  • PERi salted chips
  • Spicy rice
  • Macho peas

History of Nandos

The Nandos' story started many centuries ago. Portuguese explorers headed to the East where they first tasted the African Bird’s Eye Chilli (also known as PERi-PERi) from this they created the namesake sauce.

Then in 1987, friends Fernando Duarte and Robbie Brozin sampled PERi-PERi marinated chicken in South Africa for the first time and knew they had to share these flavours. The first Nandos was opened in the UK in 1992.

  • Opening hours:

    Open daily, 12pm to 9pm

  • Location:

    London Designer Outlet
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