Afta Eats Dessert Parlour in Wembley Park Crepe with Whip Cream

Afta Eats in Wembley Park

Dining can be difficult when you have a sweet tooth but also can’t afford to consume those extra 1,000 calories. So here’s some good news for dessert-lovers, Afta Eats is on a mission to offer satisfying treats that don’t come at the cost of your wellbeing. To try their delicious shakes, yoghurts, smoothies and more, visit their kiosk on the Ground Level of London De-signer Outlet in Wembley Park.

Using a mixture of only the finest ingredients and healthy recipes, Afta Eats has created a menu of desserts and snacks including smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream, waffles and crepes. Their aim is to provide fresh and nutritious drinks and desserts that are still very tasty.

Through extensive research, the team has created a unique range of products. But more than this, through training they have mastered the art of Italian Gelato making, vegan desserts and crafting the finest Belgian waffles. All of this, whilst being kinder to your health.

Customer satisfaction is key, which is why all treats are prepared fresh right in front of you, so you can even enjoy a little entertainment with your food.

Afta Eats top choices

Whether you want a pick-me-up smoothie or you're looking for something sweet to cleanse your pallet, Afta Eats has it all. As well as offering a varied menu, they also give their desserts fun names for your enjoyment. So if you're stopping by the kiosk, why not try:

  • Fifty shades of green smoothie
  • 24 carrot magic smoothie
  • Kitkat milkshake
  • Cookies and cream frozen yoghurt
  • Watermelon ice cream

History of Afta Eats

After a year of travelling the world and developing healthy, tasty versions of popular treats, the first Afta Eats kiosk opened in 2017 at the London Designer Outlet. From these humble beginnings, the brand has grown and now serves an international market with the first international branch opening in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Opening hours:

    Open daily, 10am to 8pm.

  • Location:

    London Designer Outlet
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Afta Eats Dessert Parolour in Wembley Park Ice Cream