Churros Buenos Desserts in London Designer Outlet in Wembley Park

Churros Buenos in Wembley Park

Do you love warm doughy pastry? Then get yourself over to the Churros Buenos kiosk in Wembley Park for the some of the best churros in town. Located on Level One of the London Designer Outlet, you can get your hands on that sweet, sugary goodness paired with the per-fect cup of artisan coffee!

Whether you love to dip your churros or you prefer them already filled to the brim with the delicious sauce of your choice, you're sure to find the perfect combination at Churros Buenos. Made hot and fresh right in front of you, the expert team get the right balance between taste and texture. Plus, all churros are made egg-free, so they're ideal for those with allergies and dietary requirements.

And if that’s not enough, Churros Buenos is partnered with award-winning coffee house, Hej Coffee. So you can choose from a range of artisan coffees, hot chocolates, iced teas and more.

Churros Buenos top choices

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the hard part about ordering from the kiosk is choosing which dipping sauce to have. You can choose from a range of sweet sauces including caramel and chocolate. So when visiting Churros Buenos in Wembley Park, consider trying some of these top picks:

  • Belgian chocolate dipping churros
  • Nutella filled churros
  • Caramel filled churros
  • Hazelnut chocolate delight
  • Strawberry iced tea
  • Nutella hot chocolate

History of Churros Buenos

Churros Buenos opened its kiosk in the London Designer Outlet back in 2016 and has been serving delicious dipped and filled churros ever since. The brand then partnered with Hej Coffee shop in 2017 so they could complement their tasty treats with the perfect drinks menu too.

  • Opening hours:

    Monday - Saturday 10am - 8pm.
    Sunday 11am - 6pm.

  • Location:

    London Designer Outlet
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