Chaboba Bubble in London Designer Outlet in Wembley Park

Chaboba in Wembley Park

Chaboba is every bubble tea enthusiasts dream. Selling a selection of teas, smoothies and snacks, you’ll find this unique restaurant on the Ground Level of the London Designer Outlet. So get yourself down to Wembley Park for the perfect cup of bubble tea and a complementary selection of sweet and savoury snacks.

Bubble tea is still relatively unexplored in the UK which is why the brand’s mission is to make it more fashionable. To do that the menu at Chababo offers authentic Taiwanese recipes for bubble tea and traditional street food.

There are three versions of the tea available including milk, crush and fruit teas. And as well as the signature drinks, there are also delicious snacks such as Bubble Waffles which come filled with ice cream. The street food menu is made up of tasty dishes using Chaboba’s secret recipes, these dishes include Gua Boa’s (steamed oyster shaped buns), roasted duck and slow-roasted pork belly.

Chaboba top choices

The bubble tea might be the main attraction but in order to complement the drinks menu, the team at Chaboba have also pulled together some delicious sweet and savoury snacks to be enjoyed alongside them. So if you're stopping by Wembley Park and looking for something bubbly, consider these delicious drinks and snacks:

  • Traditional Taiwanese bubble tea
  • Chocolate orange bubble tea
  • BBQ pork steamed buns
  • Roasted duck Gua Boa
  • Green tea frozen yoghurt
  • Mango mochi balls
  • Snow Ice
  • Bubble Waffles

History of Chaboba

The first Chaboba shop was opened in 2011 in Camden. The aim was to introduce this new and unusual drink to the public. After the success of the first shop, the team decided to expand and opened the doors to their second venue in Wembley Park.

  • Opening hours:

    Monday - Saturday 10.15am - 7.45pm.
    Sunday 10am - 6.45pm.

  • Location:

    London Designer Outlet
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