T4 Tasty Bubble Tea in Boxpark Wembley Park

T4 in Wembley Park

Are you looking for the finest quality Taiwanese bubble tea that London has to offer? We thought so! And we know where you can find it… T4 in Wembley Park. The team pledge to bring you happiness through their delicious cups of tea and all you have to do to sample some is get yourself down to Unit 8 of Boxpark Wembley.

Do you love tea? Then you’ve come to the right place. All the tea served at T4 is prepared from the finest leaves and never from a bag or powder. The leaves used are actually grown by the company at precisely the right altitudes in the mountains of Taiwan.

The main focus has always been quality, with artisan tea prepared in small batches and every condition managed to make the leaves perfect.

So determined to bring you a great cup of tea, if a batch is brewed and it’s not perfect, they’ll throw it away and start again! Using only the very best natural ingredients, you’ll never experience a brew quite like it.

T4 top choices

Sourcing and using only the finest ingredients is a time-consuming role when you have such a varied menu. Made up of so many delicious teas, smoothies and accompanying flavours, there is so much on offer at T4. So to help you choose the perfect tea for you, here are some of their recommendations:

  • Crown green tea
  • Jasmine green milk tea
  • Roasted oolong tea
  • Lemon and aloe smoothie
  • Honey peach royal tea
  • Peppermint milk tea

History of T4

T4 was founded in 2004 in Taiwan with the idea to bring people together over a cup of tea. The founder, then 28 years old, was working in a beef noodle chain store when he came up with the concept. The name itself was inspired by the warm greeting “a cup of TEA FOR you?”.

T4 Bubble Tea in Boxpark Wembley Park
T4 Bubble Tea to Go in Boxpark Wembley Park