Across the estate, Wembley Park has a variety of roads and passways to use. Please see them all below.

Curved Private Road. Two-way traffic and layby parking for a few vehicles. Neighbouring unit bases make facilitating the location easy. Contact us to book.

Private Road. Two way traffic. Contact us to book.

Part residential and part loading bay entry route with red and white barriers. Controllable road which could provide a drive-in loading bay sequence or simply a long corridor shot, framed by the residential properties. Contact us to book.

Private road here is for two way traffic and is newly painted with Zebra Crossings / Pedestrian Crossings and safety barriers. The nearby properties are high rise hotels and residential apartments. On one side the road overlooks a retail area below it. Contact us to book.

New Build Private Roads offers various locations and streets. Surrounded by high-rise residential apartments. Contact us to book.

Private road offering sharp, clean lines. Surrounded by newly built offices, apartments and roads. Yellow markings on the black tarmac. Ideal for vehicle commercials. Gently curved roads bringing natural movement to a scene, alongside long corridor-like routes. Contact us to book.

Private neo-industrial road. Modernised semi-industrial look and feel, with concrete bridges, metal service ladders, oversized air-conditioning vents. Surrounded by newly built commercial and residential apartments. Gently curved roads. Contact us to book.

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